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Why to Use PDF to Excel Converter?

Nowadays we have lots of document formats that can be helpful in one or another situation. However, during the last several decades Portable Document Format is one of the most frequently used. The reason is that it offers its users a number of benefits unlike many other alternatives. You can effortlessly open it, view and share with other recipients. What is more, it never loses its formatting. It means that a person will see the same file as you do after receiving. However, there are cases when you may need to use some other features for managing your docs. Imagine that you have multiple figures in your file and you want to make certain calculations. PDF can`t help you to accomplish such a procedure. The solution is to convert it to Excel. Look through the information below that will definitely help you to change your file as well to choose the best converting tool.

How to Change PDF to Excel?

In order to change your document format, you need to find an appropriate converter first. Of course, you can opt for desktop solutions. However, be aware that you may face certain inconveniences. Such tools usually require some payments and you need to periodically update a version to have an ability to use the newest features. Unlike the above-mentioned, online solutions don`t call for any downloads of additional software and they are very easy to use. They provide the customers with a step-by-step instruction, so converting your PDFs will be a breeze for you.

Main Converting Steps

The process of converting your PDF file to Excel is rather simple. The digital tools allow you to accomplish it in seconds. Look through the steps required:

  • open a specific solution;
  • upload an item you want to transform;
  • click the “Excel” button to get it processed;
  • download a newly created paper to your computer.

You have no reason to worry about the safety of your documents as they are deleted from a server after they`ve been processed.

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Video instructions - Convert PDF Chart To Excel

Instructions and Help about Convert Pdf Chart To Excel

Hello everyone today we will discuss about a solution of how you can import a table from a pdf file directly into an excel file and i'm sure if you have faced this problem this will be a solution for you one thing i'm using the latest version of excel which is microsoft 365 and this feature may not be available in any earlier version of excel so keep watching welcome back friends let me show you how normally people think that they can simply copy and paste data from a pdf table into an excel sheet and it definitely doesn't work so i opened an excel sheet i also downloaded some financials of reliance industries for halfway ending in 2019 because it is available in public domain so i go to page 4 of this document and there i will see that there is a financial table and i wanted to copy this into my excel sheet so the way people think it will work let me just copy and then paste it into excel sheet and see what happens now in excel when i paste it oh my god everything has been for toss the formatting has gone i cannot use it let me delete it let me show you one more way which people think works it does work but is not the best way and believe me one of my friends did try this he copied everything which would come into a cell went into excel pasted that like quarter ended over here he copied that went into the next column pasted that but believe me it is so tiresome so cumbersome i'll never recommend this there are more ways of converting this and one of the ways which i found to be really really effective in the latest version of excel which is microsoft 365 is something i want to show you and share with you so if it worked out for you or you liked it do share it with your friends and family on facebook insta and youtube leave a comment if you have any issues so that i am also motivated to make more videos so let me show you what you need to do to use the same function using office 365. in office 365 you'll see in the ribbon you have the option of data so if you go to data turbine there the next option you see is get data the first one in get data if you go to from file which is again the first option you see there is a new option which is from pdf this option may not be available in the earlier versions so in here you go and you select the pdf where you want to import the data from once you click on it depending upon how big is the pdf it may take some time it will show you that it is connecting to the particular database ...

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