Is It Possible to Convert PDF Read Only Back to Microsoft Excell?

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Is it possible to convert PDF read only back to Microsoft excell?

There seem to be two parts to your answer. Firstly, when the Excel is converted to a PDF, all the layout and all the formula information is lost. It’s only slightly better than a photo. For example, the PDF stores the location of the blocks of text on the page - with no data about rows or columns. There are several software suppliers (including ourselves - who produce software to reverse engineer back from the PDF to Excel. Secondly, even when a PDF is completely locked down you can always print, scan and OCR it. But you’ll need to check that the letters and digits are absolutely correct. If the scan quality is poor and the font size small, you can get 3 seen as 8, a comma seen as a stop, etc.

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Convert PDF to Excel: All You Need to Know

It is not always easy to spot errors — especially on small print, but sometimes the mistakes are harder to spot than mistakes that occur on larger print. With good OCR software, you'll be able to capture the mistakes very quickly. It isn’t always easy to spot them on the screen but with excellent OCR software, you'll be able to capture them very quickly. So in the end, you will have something that is less than ideal — but nothing that is a nightmare. Of course, you don’t need a PDF for your accounting or marketing work — even if you have to print or scan a small piece of paper sometimes.