Is there Any PDF File That Can Be Converted Directly to a Word File?

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Is there any PDF file that can be converted directly to a Word file or an Excel file?

You can develop your own document converter. Either in Java or .NET. Have a look at the required code. .NET You have to download and add GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET DLL reference in your project. In case of any issue, you can create a post http.// using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample.pdf")) { MarkupConvertOptions options = new MarkupConvertOptions ; converter.Convert("converted.rtf", options); } Java Download and add GroupDocs.Conversion for Java JAR file in your project. In case of any issue, you can create a post http.// String outputFile = "ConvertToHtml.html"; Converter converter = new Converter("sample.docx"); MarkupConvertOptions options = new MarkupConvertOptions ; converter.convert(outputFile, options); System.out.print("\nConversion to html completed successfully. \nCheck output in " + outputFile);

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Convert PDF to Excel: All You Need to Know

If it’s doc or PPT, then you are good to go. Now you know that .docx is the correct file format of document. Let's add some text file to show the example .docx. Open it !!! Now you need to convert it to PDF. If you are reading this article from a computer, then this is how you will do it. You should have a PDF reader. Click the image to see the step. Copy&Paste it in a new document with the name file1.pdf Then save the file to c:\PDF. Double-click the folder. Choose “New”. In the “File Format” window, select “PDF” from the list. Now select the “Format” and give “Document” a name. You have to select the right file format. Now choose “Save” and Save as file or Save Link as file Then go to the directory where you got the file. Now select the file. Drag it to the page You have now made your.